In the modern world, everywhere competitiveness is on the top most priority. In spite of that, everyone share a common responsibility to be part of the process which is much more viable, reliable and safer for the mankind.
Keeping the similar vision in our product evolution programme, we could develop a parallel material discharging to tipping and that is horizontal discharge.


  • We want to create values for our customers by providing them more viable and custom built product and services to make the business and operations safer & cost effective.

Design & Development

  • We have designed and developed a Horizontal discharging Tailor for mining & transport (first time in India). We are into fabrication of box-body ,open-body trolleys . We are designing a two-way tipper.

Company Social Responsibility

  • We have developed a smokeless Chullah-oven facilitating with purification and filtration of water for use in rural areas.


  • Design Skill Upgradation.
  • R & D On Fuel Enhancer Kit For Commercial Vehicles.
  • Fly Ash Carrier Trailer.
  • Canopy Extension.
  • Manufacturing tail door of tipper body and rock body.
  • Modification & Extension of Truck and Trailer.
  • New Cabin Change-over.
  • Bucket repair.