Horizontal Discharge Trailer is commonly known as “HD – TRAILER”. As compare to tipper, dumper, tip-trailer, this HD Trailer is much safer, viable & reliable product. All welded steel construction, is being done by MIG or SAW process. Material used for exposed areas are abrasive resistance (AR) and Yield up to 1050 N/mm². Special drive unit is proven technology from Europe & America. Operational controls are a combination of Electricals, Hydraulics & Pneumatics. Powers to hydraulics are being taken from the Power-Take-Off (PTO) of Prime Mover. All steel work and driveunit work is cleaned, cold phosphate and primed with 2 coats of Zinc Chromate Epoxy Primer & 2 coats of Quick Dry Air Dry (QDAD) Synthetic Epoxy Paint in two colour combination scheme.